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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Discussion Roundup

Wow!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my blog, thought about my questions, and provided their own input whether the opinion agreed with mine or not.  Through comments on this blog, other blogs, and Facebook, it was wonderful to read about the different approaches and personal connections to genealogy.  Truly I do appreciate difference of opinion and try to look at the view of the other side. 

When I first wrote the previous blog, my intent was to draw attention to what I had discussed and debated with others.  And also to test a few points that I have written in my paper.  Not many people had read my blog up to that point as I had not promoted it so I was not expecting many to read it.  In two days, this blog was viewed 339 times.  That says a lot about the power of social media and the online genealogy community.

So what can we gain from such discussions?  Simply put, respectful communication about views, ideas, and sharing opinions about something that holds a common interest for such a diverse group is a win win for everyone.  They are the beginning of creative solutions that may take some time to grow, but give insight for those writing and reading them.


  1. Your post inspired great dialog - and that, to me, is what blogging is all about. You did good.

  2. And thank you Thomas for promoting the blog!

  3. Great words Geneabrarian!

    But I think that Genealogy is not a research method by itself. Genealogy is a Science, and needs Scientific Method in order to give verifiable results.
    I am reading now a book edited in 1988, related to knighthood and lineages in Medieval Spain. Right in the prologue, it is stated that there are a number of areas in History that can be benefited from Genealogy, and the book is a great example of that.

    If your genealogy research is performed verifying the authenticity of each piece of information, if you avoid fallacies (from authority, for example), if you collect evidences and at last (not least) you submit your findings to peer review evaluation,then you are following the Scientific Method.

    I really liked your blog. Congratulations!

  4. "And also to test a few points that I have written in my paper."

    I am interested in reading this paper - where might I find it?